3 Zodiacs Who Have The Healthiest Relationships

Taureans are one of the best signs to be in a relationship with because Venus rules them.

1. Taurus

Venus is the planet of love, beauty. They are very loyal and know that it takes work and time to keep a relationship strong.

They are very patient and won't give up, so if it takes time to make a relationship work, it will.

Cancers are known for having deep emotions because the Moon rules them. They are also the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. 

2. Cancer

They're great at understanding how other people feel and making and keeping strong relationships with those people. 

It's easy for them to make their partner feel safe because they are loving, nurturing, and compassionate. 

This earth sign is very responsible, works very hard, and wants to get ahead. 

3. Capricorn

They are so focused on getting better and building a successful job that love isn't always a top priority for them. 

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