4 Zodiacs Bad at Hiding Emotions

You tend to stuff your feelings to avoid conflict. You prefer to smile rather than argue because you don't think speaking up is worth it. 

1. Cancer

But if you never talk about your feelings, no one will know how much you suffer. 

You tend to stuff your feelings to avoid bothering others. Do not depress the mood by moaning about unimportant issues. 

2. Virgo

But your loved ones care. Your feelings won't be considered burdens.

Because you prioritize rationality above emotion, you often stuff your feelings. If you think your thoughts are ‘irrational’, you will deny them. 

3. Capricorn

You will ignore them and find other distractions. But you can't will away complicated sentiments. 

Due to being called overemotional and too much, you tend to bottle up your emotions. 

4. Pisces

Putting your emotions on display may make you look weak, but the proper individuals will perceive it as a strength. 

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