Bears Release Backup Qb Amid Justin Fields' Controversial Comments

The Chicago Bears let go of quarterback Justin Fields on Wednesday after he said bad things about the coaching staff.

Fields said that the Bears' coaching was partly to blame for his problems this season in the offense.

He was very critical of how he was taught to pass from the side.

"I don't blame the teachers for anything. I'm never going to blame anything on my coaches or my friends.

I will take all the blame for everything that goes wrong in a game. I don't care if it should have been a pass but was dropped. Give it to me."

Not long after Fields's words and the news stories about them came out, the Bears let go of their QB2.

Peterman has played in both of the Bears' first two games this season.

Tyson Bagent made it through the 53-man cuts in August, but the Bears have decided to make him inactive so that they can use him as their backup QB3.

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