Bills QB Josh Allen Called Out for‘Veiled Shot’ at Fans

The Buffalo Bills are in crisis after losing 29-25 to the New England Patriots on Sunday, October 22.

The Bills' quarterback Josh Allen and team have been uneven and out of sync for three weeks, and offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey is in charge of turning things around.

He told reporters on October 18, “There’s a lot of All-Pro offensive coordinators out there watching games, a lot of quarterbacks in the stands who think they know what they’re doing,

A statement that was criticized after another lackluster performance against the Patriots.

During Sunday's first half, 13WHAM sports director Mike Catalana tweeted, “I am no All-Pro Offensive Coordinator, but the Bills offense is a mess right now.”

On October 23,'s Matt Parrino reiterated Allen's comment, stating, "This hasn't sat right with me since Josh Allen said it last Wednesday.

Allen's words as a veiled shot at supporters disgruntled with the coordinator seem to go against the customary fan love fest. 

Some admirers supported Josh, saying it's easier said than done, while others didn't like his tone.

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