Black Athletes Are Treated Unfairly By Saints Quarterback Derek Carr

Derek Carr yelled at teammates in Saints' loss to Jaguars. You missed the significance of his actions. 

Carr criticized teammates, including Olave for running the wrong route. Carr's behavior was questionable.

Trying to be calming during frustrating moments. I can lead better to calm everyone down.

Carr expressed frustration about preventable negative plays that occurred today.

Rare for quarterbacks to behave like this. QB's often shoulder blame, even when it's not their fault. Saints players don't blame Carr for incomplete passes.

Carr has a history of public outbursts. He yelled at his offensive coordinator.

Pete Carmichael, during a sideline outburst in the fourth quarter of a game they lost to the Houston Texans on Oct. 15.

Carr apologized to Carmichael for the outburst, but it was clearly directed at him. He also claimed that his anger on Thursday was not aimed at Olave, but it clearly was.

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