Broncos Consider Massive Step Against Russell Wilson

After a terrible season in 2022 that ended with a last-place finish in the AFC West, the Denver Broncos hired Sean Payton to turn things around.

The Broncos haven't done much better so far this season, even though Payton said that the work of the coach who was fired before him was "one of the worst coaching jobs in NFL history."

This season, the Broncos have lost all five of their games, which means they almost certainly won't make the playoffs.

After that, what to do with quarterback Russell Wilson and his huge deal will be the question. Wilson has had some great games this season.

But overall it's been a boring one because he's had a lot of problems with Payton during games.

Parke Gabriel of The Denver Post says that March 17th is the most important date in that choice.

Wilson's $37 million salary for 2025 is also fixed on that date. 

For the Broncos, the risk right now is that he gets hurt during the 2023 season and needs "major rehabilitation and prevents him from passing protocol in March.

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