Colorado Makes Shedeur Sanders Suspension Decision After Eye Poke Infuriates Rivals

Shedeur Sanders into the turf after the passer released a throw, appearing to make helmet-to-helmet contact, and piled his weight on the Buffaloes star.

Colorado State had 17 penalties for 182 yards, including four unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Obviously we had too many penalties; I can't even speak about it," Colorado State coach Jay Norvell said. 

Norvell fostered enmity before the epic Folsom Field game by calling Deion Sanders unprofessional.

Norvell chastised the Colorado head coach for wearing sunglasses and caps with the media and players.

Hunter yelling out the Rams before the game seemed to energize the Buffaloes. "They messed with the wrong team," Hunter remarked. "No bite, all talk.

Colorado and Colorado State never lost the enmity after Hunter's late hit, Shedeur Sanders' eye poke, and Kamara's targeting, making it one of the most heated Rocky Mountain Rivalry games in recent history.

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