The Five Least Likable Teams In The Nfl

These five NFL teams (in no particular order) won't win popularity contests despite their records.

The Jets appear more relevant by playing in the nation's largest metropolis or a nearby state.

ESPN constantly discusses the team despite 29 losing seasons since joining the NFL in 1970. 

After their eighth straight losing season in 2022, the Jets believed they were one quarterback away from a title. 

New York's savior played four snaps before injuring his Achilles, but he still rants on the Pat McAfee Show and tries to fight Taylor Swift's boyfriend. 

The turmoil surrounding Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson dwarfs Rodgers' bromance with McAfee. 

Jimmy and Dee Haslam, team owners, gave the struggling quarterback a fully guaranteed five-year $230M contract extension, notwithstanding.

Watson led the club to five wins. Though Browns fans are among the greatest in the NFL, that contract is terrible.

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