The Top 8 Weight-Loss Foods

Mango-Almond Smoothie Bowl Fiber and protein are abundant in almonds. Fiber and protein help you feel filled longer, making it less tempting to snack between meals.

Popcorn 1-ounce serving of air-popped corn (about 3½ cups) has 4 grams of fiber, roughly 4 g of protein, and 110 calories This combo creates a lasting snack.

 Fruit When you substitute fresh fruit for processed meals and other unhealthy snacks, eating entire fruit instead of fruit juice can help you lose weight.

 Salmon High-quality protein and "good" omega-3s are abundant in salmon. salmon naturally reduces calorie consumption, helping with weight reduction

Yogurt Protein-rich yogurt with probiotics may aid weight reduction. Eat extra fiber and probiotics to keep your gut bacteria happy.

Beans Beans provide protein and little calories. Put them in homemade vegetarian burgers, soups, and salads.

Eggs Eggs provide high-quality protein, lipids, vitamin D, and choline. The protein and time of day we eat them make them excellent weight loss foods. 

Avocados Avocados have more calories than other fruits and vegetables, but their fat and fiber may help you lose weight.